Acoustic Foam Panels

The most commonly used sound absorption material is high quality acoustic foam panels.Absorption is an important function of acoustical treatment,make sure to complete your room with foam panels in order to maximize the effectiveness of treatment system.Acoustic foam panels can be used for sound isolation of a room. Our products can be used in studio,Gymnasiums, Auditoriums,Classrooms,Music Rooms, Arenas & Stadiums,Churches, Offices, Computer Rooms,Restaurants/Cafeterias,Residential,Concert Halls & Theaters.They can mounted up in the ceiling also.

Flooring Solutions

Hardwood Flooring ▪ Raised Access Flooring ▪ Vinyl Flooring ▪ Carpets ▪ Rubber Flooring ▪ WPC Decking . . .

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Acoustic Solutions

Sound Masking System ▪ Sound Absorption Wall Panel ▪ Acoustic Fabrics ▪ Acoustic Walls . . .

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